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Information For Solicitors

“Mediators and solicitors working together for the benefit of our clients”

As a solicitor mediator I understand the value and importance of proper legal advice during the mediation process and recognize that solicitors are an integral part of successful mediations.

Mediation works best where solicitors are available to advise before and/or between mediation meetings and to draft the documentation that will cause any outcome reached in the process to become binding.

Therefore, when contemplating the possible referral of a client into the mediation process, it is important that the solicitor is confident that the chosen mediator will provide the same high standard of service that  the client will receive from their solicitor.  Also, that the solicitor has some knowledge of what their client can expect.

I will be happy to discuss my service with you and if it helps to arrange a meeting to answer any questions that you may have regarding mediation generally or my specific service for your clients.


I understand the need to keep you informed and to work with you and your clients to achieve creative, workable outcomes.