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What is Mediation?

Mediation helps people who have decided to separate or divorce, or are experiencing other forms of family dispute, to reach agreements about their future. 

Mediation encourages constructive discussion rather than confrontation in a neutral, supported and safe environment.


Positive Family Mediation can bring real benefits to you at a difficult and stressful time because:

  • It helps children to see their parents actively working together to resolve issues;
  • It reduces hostility and improves communication and trust;
  • It reduces the emotional and financial cost of lengthy court battles;
  • You are in control, you set the agenda for your meetings so that you discuss the matters that really matter to you;
  • I will actively encourage the involvement of solicitors to ensure that you are be to make informed decisions about yours and your family’s future.
  • The timing of the meetings is in your control and therefore you are not bound by a court or legal timetable at a time when you may need some space to work through difficult decisions at your own pace;
  • For parents it enables you to co-parent into the future more effectively and therefore helps to reduce the impact of the separation on your children and wider family members.